Crossings Behavior Agreement

     The form below is a copy of the behavior agreement that all students attending Crossings 2015 will sign before we leave on June 21, 2015. Parents will need to sign with their students and turn in the physical form (which will soon be given out) to the office of FBC Pocahontas. You may also return the form to Chase or Carlene Crawford. If you have any questions, please call Chase at 501-593-6257.



    Please read this carefully before you sign. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or text me at 501-593-6257.

    -Chase Crawford

    Youth Pastor, FBC


    Parents are asked to inform their students that the intention of this camp is not to find a spouse/significant other. Please remind your student(s) that dating will not be permitted while at camp. I have had multiple issues with students trying to find significant others. I do not intend to have those problems this year. We encourage our students to make new friends while at Crossings, but if the relationship becomes romantic to the point of our students participating in sneaking away, hiding from adults, kissing, holding hands, taking photos of any of the previous acts and posting said pictures to social media, and/or arguing with any adult volunteer about this policy at camp, the student will be asked not to return to Crossings in 2016If offenses become too severe, the student will not be permitted to join The Depth at Crossings in 2016 and parents will be notified to come to camp to transport their student back home.

    The drive is four hours from Pocahontas, AR to Hardin, KY. 

What to Bring

    Ready to pack your bags? Below you’ll find a list of the essentials you’ll need for camp.

    All students must bring at least $10.00 to be placed in an envelope with their name on it. The spending money will be returned to the student for lunch on the way home. Please provide enough spending money for your student to eat lunch on the way to camp as well. ($10.00 will be plenty)

    Please do not send your students with sugary snacks to be eaten in the room. We want the students to go to bed on-time in order to be up on-time for the next days activities. Little Debbies do not help with this process.

What to Bring to Crossings

Pillow and sheets or sleeping bag.

Towels: Beach towel and bath towels.

Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc)

A complete Bible, notepad, and pen for Bible Study and Worship.

Drawstring Bag

Appropriate clothing (see Dress Code).

Some “grubby” clothes and tennis shoes for outdoor recreation. Bring one set of clothes that could be thrown away if desiring to participate in the mud pit activities.

Shorts that are made out of fairly sturdy material (ex. Khaki shorts). Thin shorts such as mesh shorts and cheerleading shorts will not be appropriate for activities that require a harness (ex. Ziplines etc.)

Modest one-piece swimsuits. Females MUST wear shorts over their swimsuits.

You must wear your shirt to and from Lake activities. Bring appropriate shirts (not white) to wear over your swimsuit.

Crossings strongly recommends that you bring a pair of Tevas or athletic sandals and/or water shoes if participating in kayaking (Jonathan Creek only).

Sunscreen and insect repellent.

Spending Money. Students and adults will have opportunities to make purchases throughout the week (concessions, T-shirts, etc.) and a missions offering will be collected one night during worship.

Wristwatch: we don’t want you to miss any part of your exciting week of camp!

$20.00 for The Beyond Effect Offering – all money will go to support mission work in Haiti.

What NOT to Bring

Alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.

Any student or adult caught with these will be sent home at the parent's expense.

Fireworks or weapons of any kind.

Radios, portable CD players, or MP3 players. Exceptions may be made for church group devotions and fellowships. Please understand that we are not liable for lost or stolen items.

No cell phones will be allowed during any organized camp activities. Instruct students to leave them with an adult.

Skateboards, roller skates, or shoes with built in skates.

Clothing iron.

Dress Code

    Campers and adults are expected to reflect a Christian example

by their dress. Parents, adult leaders, and church leaders are responsible for the clothing/appearance of their campers and adults attending camp. The manner of dress expected should be set and clearly communicated prior to leaving home. A Crossings Program Director has the final say in all matters regarding attire.

Daytime Activities

Modest shorts and tank tops are acceptable for daytime activities.

Females should not roll up the waistband on their shorts.

Tank tops should adequately cover undergarments.

Females must wear shorts over modest one-piece bathing suits for pool and lake activities.

Shirts and shoes must be worn to and from pool and lake activities and at all other times.

Closed-toe and closed-heel shoes must be worn when participating in climbing & zipline activities.


Jeans and shorts may be worn to worship. Shorts must be longer than the fingertip.

Modest skirts and dresses are acceptable in worship.

Tank tops are NOT acceptable for worship.

Unacceptable Dress

Shorts shorter than fingertip length.

Spaghetti strap tops.

Shirts that show midriff.

Distasteful designs or messages on clothing.

Bikinis, tankinis, or one-piece resembling two-piece swimsuits.


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