Youth Prayer Retreat This Weekend!

     The DSM Prayer Retreat at Cedar Glade is this weekend Jan. 26-28! We will be staying the lodge so you need to bring a few things for your stay. A list is provided at the bottom of this post. If you haven't signed up yet or you want to bring another friend you still can! The retreat is $45 which you can bring with you on Friday when we leave. 

Load Up 4:45pm Friday, Jan. 26
Returning 10:30am Sunday, Jan. 28

Bring to Retreat:
Clothes to play outside
Running shoes
Prayer Journal (if you already have one)

Fall Workday Fundraiser Sept. 23

    The annual Fall Work Day will be Saturday, September 23rd (8:00am-4:00pm). If you would like hard working students to do a tough job for you, fill out the form below or sign-up on in the foyer. Simply tell us what you need us to do and when. (Morning or Afternoon) You may also contact Bro. Chase at at anytime to schedule a job. We work for any donation you deem appropriate. Thank you for supporting your students.

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