New Book for the Book Club

The Book Club chose to read “The Island of Heavenly Daze” by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt. If you would like to order a book contact Utanah Williams. The cost will be $4-$6. The next meeting will be January 12 at the home of Joy Pope.

To a casual visitor, the island of Heavenly Daze is just like a dozen others off the coast of Maine. It is decorated with graceful Victorian mansions, carpeted with gray cobble-stones and bright wild flowers, and populated by sturdy, hard-working folks-most of whom are unaware that the island of Heavenly Daze is not just like the other islands of coastal Maine. The small town that crowns its peak consists of seven buildings, each inhabited, according to divine decree, by an angel who has been commanded to guard and help anyone who crosses the threshold. 
   Unexpected hijinks and heart-warming results occur when mortals and immortals cross paths-and unaware visitors to the picturesque establishments of Heavenly Daze discover that they have been entertained by angels.